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Trusted Natural Healing Product Since 1928

For 80 years, Pinee® has served as a safe and effective antiseptic for people, livestock and pets.

This natural healing agent is made 
from the highest quality pure pine oil and has 
the pleasant, woodsy aroma of the long leaf pine.

The product is an effective aid in the prevention of infection associated with minor injuries, such as cuts, scrapes, burns, blisters, sunburns, skin irritations, and non-poisonous insect bites and stings.

Customer Demand

Thanks to North Carolina-based Triple Creek Farm LLC, this tried and true, natural healer returns to the marketplace in response to customer demand. 

For 80 years, people of all ages have counted on PINEE® as a safe, effective antiseptic for themselves as well as those they care for – loved ones, pets, and livestock.

PINEE® History

For hundreds of years, pine oil and other pine derivatives have been used to prevent infection. 
Pine products have been a vital part of our economy as far back as colonial days.

PINEE® originated as an outgrowth of the naval stores industry that prospered during the 1800s 
and early 1900s. The term naval stores designates products derived from the resin of pine trees, specifically pine tar. The term dates back to the days when sailing ships (naval vessels) were constructed of wood and had to be sealed and caulked.

PINEE® was continuously produced from 1928 to 1999. At the insistence of prevailing customer requests, Triple Creek Farm LLC returned PINEE® to the marketplace in 2005.  

With almost a century of successful healing, both PINEE® Human Preparation (2 oz.) and 
PINEE® Livestock Preparation (8 oz. and 16 oz.) remain safe, simple, effective remedies. 

The trusted PINEE® name remains the same – as does this natural healing agent.


Through the Generations

Dear Mr. Maxwell,

…I am sixty years old. [When I was four] my uncle, a physician, gave my mom a bottle of PINEE® to use on me and my brother … 

I have used it all my life and we used it on our children when they got scrapes, splinters, etc. Our children use it on their children, which are our eight grandchildren. Two of these grandchildren have given us three great grandchildren and it is being used on them….

JCH, North Carolina

Pinee Livestock Preparation

Remembering Pinee®

Dear Kenneth,

…Growing up in the ‘50s, we had a medicine cabinet on the back porch with a glass door. There were always two bottles of PINEE® on the first shelf: one in use and one unopened. 
The minute one bottle was used, a second 
was purchased ...

My granddaddy used it for dehorning, castration, docking lambs and what he called “altering livestock.” ... PINEE® is the first treatment a person should use on a livestock farm ... PINEE® was used for every cut and scrape on children. As for cuts and scrapes, 
if PINEE® won’t cure it, not much need to 
look further. 

EBH, North Carolina


Dear Mr. Maxwell,

I was thrilled to discover where to get PINEE® again. My dad always rubbed his hounds’ feet with it after a hunt to relieve their pain. We haven’t been able to get it for years. 

–MB, Virginia

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Triple Creek Farm, LLC

Available in two sizes:  8 oz. and 16 oz. 

(Not for use on cats.)


Purchase Pinee® for Human Use

Pinee® for Human Use is available in 2-ounce bottles only.

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MWI Animal Health

2 oz. (For Human Use)

8 and 16 oz. Livestock Preparation


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